The unique mix of experiencing, feeling, tasting, design and most of all a good night’s sleep. It’s all possible in this small-scale, 19th century historical building. This building in Jugendstil and eclectic style tells many stories of and about Roermond. The building has undergone a major makeover; you can taste the new design with a love of antiquity.
You must feel like the Queen of Roermond!

The old is the new

The concept of the drag and experience was born from the pursuit of a total experience. Every detail has been thought through.

BBN10 has so much more to offer. The idea originated with interior designer Christel Schers( What was still missing in Roermond was a concept that combined the experience of the city with sleeping.

At B&B N10, you can choose your own experiences during stay by choosing one of our packages deals. Email if you would like to discuss a question or desire, almost nothing is impossible.